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  • Neck, Shoulders and Back Relief | Jane

    Release Date: 09/08/22

    A short and sweet session of movement and stretches to help relieve the build up of tension in your hard working back, shoulders and neck.

  • Heal your core part 2 | Jane

    Release Date: 06/28/22

    This is the second stage in strengthening your core. Watch this video when you're ready to move on from Heal your Core (part 1).

  • Heal Your Core {Part 1} | Jane

    Release Date: 05/31/22

    In this short video you will learn a few simple exercises to begin to bring strength back to your core. These can be done safely from the moment you're ready to get moving again.

  • Prenatal Morning Stretch | Jessica

    Release Date: 05/03/2022

    Ease into your day and warm up the body with this short stretching sequence you can even practice from the comfort of bed!

  • Postnatal Glutes & Lower Body | Jessica

    Release Date: o4/26/22

    Fire up those glutes and strengthen the low body to support your core, lower back, and pelvis--all essentials to everyday movement and caregiving.
    Option to use blocks or a chair for support.

  • Prenatal Yoga Inversion Flow | Marj

    Release Date: 01/14/2022

    Take this quick 30 min class, it will fly by, I swear! We settle, we ground, we move through priming the hips, upper back and arms then flow through a simple sequence and rise to our inversion - Dolphin and puppy pose. Not to worry, if these postures are not available to...

  • Baby Bump Sun Salutes | Marj

    Release Date: 12/24/2021

    This practice is perfect for prenatal mamas, especially for those in third trimester who want to take it easy. The ease and mindfulness in the baby bump sun salutes were designed with you in mind. Slow, intentional, steady flow. Enjoy!

  • Prenatal Chair Yoga | Marj

    Release Date: 12/12/21

    With the support of the chair we move through this sequence while allowing the chair to offer more stability and ease. Find a sturdy chair and move through this class in just under 30 mins. This is a great prenatal class for anyone at any stage, however more specific to th...

  • Postnatal Yoga - Hips & Low Back | Jessica

    Release Date: 28/11/21

    Try this short, grounding sequence to release the hips, inner thighs, and low back. Can be practiced with baby nearby or on your own. No props required.

  • Postnatal Yoga - Heart & Hips | Jessica

    Release Date: 22/11/21

    Release tension and get a deep stretch with this hip and heart opening sequence, best enjoyed before bed or when you have some time to focus on yourself. Optional props include a blanket for extra padding under the belly if needed, and a block or large book for deep squat ...

  • Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga - Pick me up | Jessica

    Release Date: 11/17/21
    Strike a pose and step into your power with this short standing sequence. Safe for prenatal and postnatal mamas. No props needed.

  • Prenatal Yoga - Back & Hip Stretch | Jessica

    Release Date: 31/10/21

    This practice stays close to the ground and offers a sweet balance of strengthening and stretching to ease tension in the low back and pelvis. Safe for all stages of pregnancy and no props are required.

  • Postnatal Yoga - Uplift & Energize | Jessica

    Release Date: 28/10/21

    This energizing practice is done entirely on our feet, providing opportunities to stay grounded, build strength and flexibility, and connect with our breath. A great way to start your day or get a quick pick-me-up during afternoon nap.

  • Pre & Postnatal Yoga Settle and Stretch | Marj

    Release Date: 09/26/21

    This practice is perfect for anyone pre or postnatal. We start standing and settling into a series of gentle stretches. If you have a block or cushion nearby, it may come in handy!

  • Postnatal Yoga Shoulders and Upper Back | Jane

    Release Date: 09/11/21

    A short and sweet ten minute shoulder and upper back reset, for those achy mama shoulders that work so hard!

    Props: 1 block or a large book

  • Prenatal Yoga - Lower Body Deep Stretch | Kristina

    Release Date: 08/31/2021

    Deeply stretch your lower back, hips, legs and feet in this all levels prenatal yoga class. Suitable for all trimesters and no props required.

  • Prenatal Yoga - Water Flow | Jess

    Release Date: 06/06/2021

    Move through a flowing, full body practice inspired by water. We’ll move from seated to standing and back to the floor building in low body strength and release in the legs, hips, and low back. No props are necessary and this practice is safe for all stages of pregnancy.

  • Prenatal Yoga Upper Body Release | Kristina

    Release Date: 08/20/2021

    Release tightness and tension in your neck, shoulders, chest, upper back and side body in this all levels prenatal yoga class. Suitable for all trimesters and no props required.

  • 15 Minute Postnatal Yoga Stretch | Jamie

    Release Date: 15/08/2021

    15 Minute Postnatal Yoga stretch for you mama! Baby is welcome to be close by - we will send them a little love throughout the practice. We will be seated and on hands and knees so a folded towel or blanket will provide some extra cushioning for your knees. We will relea...

  • Prenatal Yoga Hips | Marj

    Release Date: 05/08/2021

    This 15 minute prenatal yoga sequence eases into waking the body and moving right into the hips. We wrap up with a sweet rest for you and baby.

    Optional prop: block or large book for support

  • Prenatal Yoga - Full Body Tune Up | Janet

    Release Date: 07/25/17

    In this 30 minute class, we will be working on the areas of the body that are typically tight and weak in the prenatal body. The goal is to have your body feeling refreshed and tuned up by the end of the practice.

    Props: 1 block or a large book, pillow or blanket

  • 5 Minute Postnatal Yoga Stretch | Jamie

    Release Date:

    Have only 5 mins? We have a 5 minute stretch for you mamas! We will stay seated the entire time as we stretch out our neck, side body, spine, upper body and shoulders. This stretch is safe for any stage postpartum. Nothing is required however feel free to use a mat / folded up bla...

  • Prenatal Yoga Back Release | Marj

    Release Date: 06/23/2021

    A gentle and effective back release in 20 minutes to ease any tension while offering space to baby. We work through the upper, middle and lower back with simple and soothing back relieving stretches.

  • Full Body Postnatal Yoga | Jessica

    Release Date: 06/14/2021

    Let's get up and move, mama! This is a full body practice offering a balance of strengthening and lengthening. We’ll explore mindful core engagement, a 90-90 series targeted at hip mobility and strength, and lots of moments for restorative stretching shapes and movements...