6 Week Postpartum Yoga Series

6 Week Postpartum Yoga Series

Your guide to safely moving your body after baby arrives. This series is safe to begin as early as one week after giving birth.

You're at home with baby and the aches and pains are starting to settle in. Sore wrists, tight shoulders, achey back....you want to stretch and move but are unsure of what you can and cannot do in those early weeks. This online and on demand series is designed for you beautiful mama.

​Allow us to be your guide through the first 6 weeks with easy, gentle and safe movements designed specifically for your postpartum body. This series is led by Jane Danielson, experienced yoga teacher and mama to two beautiful girls.

Each week is a module that offers a 20-30 minute healing and nourishing guided yoga video created specifically for that period postpartum. You can begin these videos at any week that feels right for you. This whole series is entirely go-at-your-own-pace! These videos build on each other progressing from grounding and stretching, to gently flowing and strengthening.

6 Week Postpartum Yoga Series
  • Postpartum Yoga - Week 1 Grounding

    Postpartum Yoga - Week 1 Grounding: Focusing on bringing awareness to the core and pelvis with breath and some gentle seated and reclined stretches to relieve the early postnatal aches and pains located in the back, shoulders, and hips.

  • Postpartum Yoga - Week 2 Stretching

    Postpartum Yoga - Week 2 Stretching: Focusing on the core breath, moving from seated to hands and knees stretches with appropriate strength.
    Led by instructor Jane Danielson

  • Postpartum Yoga - Week 3 Moving

    Postpartum Yoga - Week 3 Moving: Moving into gentle standing poses from the floor with more gentle stretch and strength to bring you slowly back into a movement practice. Led by Jane Danielson

  • Postpartum Yoga - Week 4 Flowing

    Postpartum Yoga - Week 4 Flowing: Building on the first three weeks in the series, we continue to focus on core breath, with gentle stretch and strength with more flowing movement throughout the practice.
    Led by instructor Jane Danielson

  • Postpartum Yoga - Week 5 Strengthening

    Postpartum Yoga - Week 5 Strengthening: In week five we are ready to work in some more standing poses and we regain strength, finishing off the practice with some well-deserved hip stretches.
    Led by instructor Jane Danielson

  • Postpartum Yoga - Week 6 Energizing

    Postpartum Yoga - Week 6 Energizing: In this final week of the series, we can enjoy more flowing movement, working from the strong foundation of the core breath and strength we’ve built.
    Led by instructor Jane Danielson

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