• 5 Mins Morning Yoga Stretch

    Wake up and stretch your entire body from head to toe with this easy and energizing 5 minute morning yoga class. Suitable for pregnancy and postpartum.
    Led by instructor Jamie Kalynuik

  • Yoga For Early Labour | Jamie

    Release Date: April 1, 2021
    Instructor: Jamie Kalynuik

    Early labour is a time to connect to breath, to yourself, to your baby. The stretches and movements in thiis 10 minute yoga video will do that as we create space and connection. Take these 10 minutes to yourself beautiful mama to focus on yo...

  • The Meridian Gym | Aline

    Series of 14 movements, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians, to balance and harmonize the body.

    The movements are done while standing, and unlike "traditional qigong", are quite fast and energetic. Little space is needed as we stay at the same spot for all movements.

    The 14 movemen...